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Finally! A Woman Will Be Leading US Central Bank

Today I woke up to some pretty awesome news. For the first time in 100 years, the US Federal Reserve, the central bank of the US, will have a female chairwoman, Janet Yellen. This is a huge deal! You can read about it here: (Yellen to Lead Fed, New York Times) Yellen was just confirmed by the Senate yesterday and is expected to take office in February. This position is one of the most powerful in American government, and especially in the field of finance, it’s so wonderful to see a step forward on the gender equality front. In terms of worldwide central bankers, there are very few women. The European Central Bank has some serious gender equality work to do, with not a single woman among its 23 member policy board. (Women Scarce in Central Banks, New York Times). Just make it happen people! If the US can do it, so can you. No. More. Excuses.

Publicerad den 7 januari, 2014 av Alice Marshall
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