Here’s what not to say about women as a CEO

Normally on our blog, we try to inspire with stories of success in gender equality and diversity. But this story was just too good to not share. It’s also a really good example of what can happen if you don’t think or reflect about gender equality, inclusion and respect at all as a leader, or consider them an important element of your own professional development. The founder and Chairman of a US women’s yoga apparel company, Lululemon, has recently come under intense scrutiny for his outrageous comments about how ”some women’s bodies just actually don’t work for” his company’s yoga pants. This was his comment addressing concerns that some of the company’s $98 yoga pants are see-through. Remind me to never buy anything from Lululemon! Some tips: don’t insult your customers. Especially don’t insult them about the way they look – BIG mistake. Chip later tried to apologize for the comments in what was called ”the worst apology ever.” Priceless. Thanks, Chip, for this great example of what NOT to say when you’re in a leadership role! Here’s the link to the cringe-fest, enjoy!:

Lululemon’s Chip Wilson’s ”worst apology ever”

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Publicerad den 5 december, 2013 av Alice Marshall
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Alice Marshall
Gender Equality & Diversity Consultant
Alice Marshall is a gender equality consultant at Add Gender. She wrote her Master's thesis at Stockholm University about best practices for gender equality in the IT industry. She is the only gender equality consultant in Sweden specializing in IT. She is very interested in gender equality and diversity as a strategy to make businesses more profitable, innovative and fun to work for. Before completing her Master's degree, she worked for Ernst & Young and Harlem Village Academies in New York.


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