Sweden’s Closet Racists

Here is an article that recently was written in the New York Times by Jonas Hassen Khemiri, a Swedish novelist and author. It tells the heartbreaking story of institutional racism experienced by a native Swede, throughout his childhood and adulthood, because he is not white. I dare you to read this piece and come out thinking that racial profiling by the police or any other institution is in any way a good thing for society.


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Publicerad den 24 april, 2013 av Alice Marshall
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Alice Marshall
Gender Equality & Diversity Consultant
Alice Marshall is a gender equality consultant at Add Gender. She wrote her Master's thesis at Stockholm University about best practices for gender equality in the IT industry. She is the only gender equality consultant in Sweden specializing in IT. She is very interested in gender equality and diversity as a strategy to make businesses more profitable, innovative and fun to work for. Before completing her Master's degree, she worked for Ernst & Young and Harlem Village Academies in New York.


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